Photography Tours in Botswana

For a master photographer, travelling throughout Africa and taking wildlife photos of some of the most incredible landscapes and animals that Africa has to offer is sure to be an item that makes it to his/her bucket list.

Photography Tours in Botswana

Photographic safaris through Botswana is bound to be magnificent and will most definitely provide the perfect challenges for any wildlife photographer.
With Africa Photographic Travel you will be able to have that opportunity by visiting some of the best sites available in Botswana such as:

Photography Tours in Botswana

Chobe River Photographic Safari

What better way to experience the Chobe River than on a Zambezi Voyager that provides you with a relaxing, luxurious photographic holiday and overnight facilities at various points in the Chobe National Park that is well known for its amazing elephant photographic opportunities.

Wilde beest in the Mist | Private photographic safari and tutoring at Londolozi

Observing these majestic animals from the edge of the Chobe River will prove to be a memorable experience! Not only are the elephants viewed up close and personal but also the crocodiles, hippos and bird species such as the fish eagle whilst catching its pray.

Photography Tours in Botswana

For any master bird photographer the 450 bird species will provide those outstanding photographs that ensure that you will never forget the Chobe. Travelling on the Chobe River will definitely leave you with a memorable and unique photographic experience.

Duba Plains

There is a reason that they call these plains “Clash of the Titans”. Duba Plains are well-known for their buffalo and Lion clashes. It provides the perfect opportunity to take action-packed, exciting and unique photographs of these two magnificent beasts taking each other head-on in the fight for survival.

Extraordinary photo opertunities on  Photographic Safaris Botswana

This profoundly unique photographic landscape is located in the Northern stretches of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. The Duba Plains camp hosts 77 000 acres of lush, animal and photographic rich land that for most part of the year can only be accessed with an aircraft.

Photography Tours in Botswana

This is a unique camp that provides you with the opportunity to experience one of the most natural and remote photographic safaris available today. See these beasts and many more animals in their natural habitat unspoiled by man.

Photographic Safaris Botswana with Africa Photographic Travel

Africa Photographic Travel can make your photographic tours unique in its kind and provide the best photographic opportunities available.