Scheduled Safaris

Take scheduled African photographic safaris to get that perfect photo


Wildlife and nature photographers are always searching for the ultimate shot where everything is in perfect focus and the lighting is exactly the way it should be. What better way to get the perfect photograph than to go on an African photography safari with Africa Photography Travel.

Scheduled African Photographic Safaris with Africa Photography Travel

Travelling with qualified photographers to destinations & lodges that are as rich in photographic opportunities and in most cases especially equipped for photographers is most definitely a sure way to get to get you that perfect photo opportunity.

Photography journey with Africa Photographic Travel

Scheduled African Photographic Safaris with Africa Photographic Travel are designed to take you all across Africa to the best possible spots for stunning wildlife and nature photography.  This includes countries such as BotwanaZimbabwe, Rwanda and South Africa. In each of these countries we have specific lodges that accommodate the photographers and ensure that they have a memorable photographic experience.

Hippo spotted on a Scheduled African Photographic Safaris

We also have the option available to create a custom photographic journey. If the designation you have in mind is not listed then you have the option of contacting us and we will provide you with a fully customized photographic journey that will include all the places you have in mind.  As with all our other packages we will arrange the best possible accommodation to suit all your photographic needs.

Take a photographic journey with Africa Photography Travel